Thursday, 31 March 2011

51 organisation report £6.5m cuts to communities in the East Midlands

Today, 31st March 2011, marks the cut off for many existing funding streams that support voluntary and community activity across the East Midlands.

Many groups have already felt the pain of spending cuts through ‘in-year’ reductions in their funding. However, the 1st April 2011 will signal the harsh reality of national austerity for many others.

One EM has been working with national colleagues to raise the plight of those worst affected. lists some of those organisations hardest hit. 

Of the 51 organisations listed from the East Midlands the total reported loss is in excess of £6.5 million. Services for young people, disabilities, financial inclusion, support services, hostels and volunteering support are all reported amongst the casualties.

Today, on the last day of March 2011 take a stand and add your own situation to the site. 

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